Anti Cancer Tablets

Our fast transit facilities make us able to easily meet the expected delivery deadlines of the clients. Ours is a quality driven company and strive hard to provide top-notch products to our worthy patrons. For this, we procure basic material from the trusted places only.


Below are the range of the products :

  • Armotraz Tablets
  • Geftinat Tablets
  • Capecitabine Tablets (Xeloda)
  • Ibandronic Tablets
  • Imatinib Mesylate Tablets (imatib)
  • Sorafenib Tablets (Soranib) Sorafenib
  • Tosylate Tablets (Nexavar)
  • Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets
  • Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablets (tenvir)
  • Voriconazole Tablets (Vorizol)

Products List

Brand Name Contains Packing Manufacturer
Alphalan 2mg Tab Melphalan 1X25 Natco Pharma
Alphalan 5mg Melphalan 1X25 Natco Pharma
Anorest Magesterol Acetate 1X10 Natco Pharma
Bandrone 50mg. Ibandronate 1X10 Natco Pharma
Bandrone 6mg. Vial Ibandronate 1xVial Natco Pharma
Bortenat 2mg. Bortezomib 1xVial 2mg. Natco Pharma
bortenat 3.5mg. Bortezomib 1XVial Natco Pharma
Cantret 50mg. Altretamine 1X10 Natco Pharma
Clokeran 2mg. Chlorambucil 1X30 Natco Pharma
Clokeran 5mg. Chlorambucil 1X30 Natco Pharma
Docenat 120mg. Docetaxel 1xVial Natco Pharma
Docenat 20mg. Docetaxel 1XVial Natco Pharma
Erlonat Erlotinib 1x30 Natco Pharma
Fulvinat Fulvestrant 1xVial Natco Pharma
Geftinat 250mg. Geftinib(IRESSA) 1X30 Tab Natco Pharma
Geftinat 250 (strip) Geftinib(IRESSA) 1X100 Natco Pharma
Geftinat 250 (strip) Geftinib(IRESSA) 1X10 Natco Pharma
Lenalid 10mg.   1X30 Natco Pharma
Lenalid 15mg. Lenelidomide 1X30 Natco Pharma
Lenalid 25mg. Lenelidomide 1X30 Natco Pharma
Lenalid 5mg. Lenelidomide 1X30 Natco Pharma
Letronat Letrozole 1X10 Natco Pharma
Lukatret 10mg. Tretinoin 1X100 Natco Pharma
Lymfuda 10mg. Fludarabine phosphate 1x5 Natco Pharma
Natfost 500mg. Amifostine 1xVial Natco Pharma
Pemnat inj. 500mg. Pemetrexed 1xVial Natco Pharma
Planoset inj. Planosetron 1xVial Natco Pharma
Planoset 0.25mg Palonosetron 1X5ml Vial Natco Pharma
Temonat 100mg. Temozolomide 1x5 Cap Natco Pharma
Temonat 20mg. Temozolomide 1X15 Cap Natco Pharma
Temonat 20mg. Temozolomide 1X5 Cap Natco Pharma
Temonat 5mg. Temozolomide 1X15 Natco Pharma
Thalinat 100mg Thalidomide 1X10 Natco Pharma
Thalinat 200mg Thalidomide 1X10 Natco Pharma
Veenat 100mg. Imatinib mesylate 1X120 Cap Natco Pharma
Veenat 100mg. caps Imatinib mesylate 1x10 Natco Pharma
Veenat 400mg.(strip) Imatinib Mesylate 1X10 Natco Pharma
Veenat 400mg.Tabs Imatinib Mesylate 1X30 Natco Pharma
VORIZOL TAB Voreconazole 1X4 Natco Pharma
Xtane -25mg. Exemestane 1X30 Natco Pharma
Methorex 2.5mg. tab Methotrexate 10X10 Cadila Health Care
Zoldonat 4mg. Zoledronic 1xVial Cadila Health Care
6-MP. 50mg. Mercaptopurine 1X10 Cadila Health Care
Endoxan -n 500 Cyclophosphamide 1 S Cadila Health Care
Endoxan tab Cyclophosphamide 100 S Cadila Health Care
Endoxon-n 200mg. Cyclophosphamide 1 S Cadila Health Care
Endxon-n 1gm. Cyclophosphamide 1 S Cadila Health Care
Femistra tab Fludarabine 1X10 Cadila Health Care
Fludara 50mg. Fludarabine 1 Vial Cadila Health Care
Fludara Tab. 10mg. Fludarabine 1X20 Cadila Health Care
Holoxan (2gms) Ifosfamide One Combi Cadila Health Care
Holoxan Mesna Ifosfamide 1xVial Cadila Health Care
Honvan Tabs Fosfestrol 50 S Cadila Health Care
Herciptin Trastuzumab 1vial Roche
Tarceva 100 MG Erlotinib 1x10 Roche
Tarceva 150 MG Erlotinib 1x10 Roche
Zenapax 25mg Daclizumab 1vial Roche
Anastrazole Anastrazole 1x10 Cipla
Bondria 50mg Ibandronic Acid 1x10 Cipla
Bondria Inj Ibandronic Acid 1x10 Cipla
Cassotide 500mg Bicalutamide 1x10 Cipla
Capegard 500 Capecitabine 1x10 Cipla
Cytocarb-150 mg Carboplatin 15ml Vial Cipla
Cytocarb-450 mg Carboplantin 45ml Vial Cipla
Cytocrisitin Aqueous Vincristin 1ml Cipla
Cytodrox Tab Hydroxy Urea 1x10 Cipla
Decarb 500mg Decarbazine Vial Cipla
Docetax 80 Docetaxel vial Cipla
Docetax 20 Docetaxel vial Cipla
Erlocip-150 Erlotinib 1x30 Cipla
Geftip 250mg Gefitinib 1x30 Cipla
Imatib 400tab Imatinib Mesylate 1x10 Cipla
Imatib 100tab Imatinib Mesylate 1x10 Cipla
Paclitax 100 Paclitaxel Vial Cipla